Classes & Events

It’s Up To You! Academy offers a variety of Real Estate, Business, and Personal Development Classes, Workshops and Programs.

Our academy is designed to help you Build and Grow. We give you a platform to showcase your skills and knowledge to Expand Your Business Footprint.



Independent professionals who are really good at what they do; however, have never been taught exactly how to attract clients or set up systems so they ALWAYS attract clients and run their business more efficiently.

Social Entrepreneurs and Influencers who have specific knowledge or an inspirational message to share and are looking to monetize their service, message, books or special skills.

My best clients are those who want to help others or make a greater impact in their niche. They are hungry for information, connection, a VERY SMART strategy and VERY LOVING community of support with Big Hearts + Brilliant Minds.

I show you how to hone your message, share it prolifically, create systems and passive income through online and offline revenue models.

Please know I’m very selective in who I work with and I hand-pick my clients, choosing to (gently) turn away people who aren’t suited for my programs and won’t get the results for which they would have signed up for.


Group Real Estate Mentoring

Group Mentoring offers a variety of benefits for our enrolled agents. The program is set up on a 6 week rotation with a maximum of 10 mentees per group. This way every six weeks new information is shared and the agents have the opportunity to re-enroll for another 6 weeks if they like.

We keep our content fresh and relevant to reflect our ever changing industry. The group allows agents to connect with other agents that might have similar experiences. This is a great way to establish lasting relationships, collaboration and accountability. The group is also a great cost effective way to grow your knowledge and expand your sphere of influence. The support, wisdom, and community you get from being a part of group has such great value and a pretty impressive ROI.

This program consists of a combination of live face to face interaction via Zoom

and there’s also the vault where all of our video content is stored and available to you to download and watch over and over again as many times as you need.

Within the 6 weeks you will have three Q & A group sessions where you can bring your questions and share your experiences with the group.

The great thing about any of our programs is that you can start whenever you like and you can go as long as you like at the pace that you like. Although you are a part of a group, your participation is still customized to fit your unique business needs.


Intensive "Mentor Me" Strategy Plans

The VIP Elite Plan contains absolutely ALL the essentials to help you, get consistency in your business. We customize a 12 month easy-to-implement plan of action.  With our bi-weekly (every two weeks) Zoom strategy sessions we will get laser focused on your immediate needs.

This is a 6 month commitment and includes using audios, videos and handout downloads.  This is a Must-Have and will show you step-by-step exactly what to start -and-stop doing in your marketing in order to have more clients consistently hire you to work with them.  You’ll have additional business promotion via a Business Launch or Re-Launch Event, Product Development, Guest Expert on It’s Up To You! TV, Speaking and Teaching Opportunities and overall Business Development. (Additional promotional opportunities may not all occur within your 3 month program.)

With your purchase of the Mentor Me Elite System you will receive 2 free months membership to the It’s Up To You! Academy which includes additional videos, audios, engagement through our bi-monthly Mastermind Group, and be a part of our inner circle private Mentor Me Realtor Facebook Group.  After the first two trial months, members continue to automatically receive mentoring from me at a low monthly fee unless you tell us otherwise.  This program pays off BIG, especially at such an affordable rate.

The Pre-VIP Elite Plan is a “bridge” program that helps you successfully move from any of the primary programs to VIP Elite. This program was designed to give you additional support and time to finish projects that you may have started in another It’s Up To You! Academy program getting you fully ready to take the leap into the VIP Elite program. This is a month-to-month program and consists of weekly checkpoints. You will determine how much time you need to jump all-in into the VIP Elite program.

The Basic Plan is designed to get you systematized and clarity of your brand and ideal client profile.  You will work with me via a bi-monthly (twice a month) Zoom strategy session for 3 months.  This includes one initial 1 hour in-depth strategy session.  In this session we will pinpoint your current challenges and develop a blueprint for you to follow for the next 12 months.  This includes a free 2 month membership to the It’s Up To You! Academy, videos, audios, downloads and one emergency monthly call.  You will also become a part of my private Mentor Me Realtor Facebook group. After the first two trial months, members continue to automatically receive mentoring from me at a low monthly fee unless you tell me otherwise.

Mentor Me Intensive Strategy Sessions is designed to work as a shot in the arm.  In these strategy calls, we will pinpoint your current challenges and develop a plan for you to follow for a designated time.   You will have (2) two 90 minute ZOOM Strategy calls with me where we put together a customized strategy for a designated time frame ( 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 6 months etc…)  After the designated time has ended, we will have one 30 minute follow up call to assess your progress, what’s working, what’s not and if you feel you need more support.