The Last Day Of Class


I have truly enjoyed teaching at the middle and high school level. Each time I’m in the classroom, I’m reminded that it’s an honor and privilege to impact our youth…our future leaders. I take my role very seriously.

This semester I taught: Telling Your Compelling Story. The students learned the importance of telling their story in their own voice. They also learned the importance of using their voice for the greater good and if used the right way, they could start a movement. We all have a compelling story that somebody needs to hear.

Did you know I teach Nutz & Boltz of Social Media Production? These are two of my students Phoebe and Annie Wexel. They surprised me with flowers and candy the last day of class and they took me out for a belated birthday lunch! They’re the sweetest!

What’s your compelling story? Shoot me an email at and share your story!

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