My Birthday Blast

December 6th was my 56th birthday and I had an absolute BLAST! I did something I’ve never done before. I spent the entire day celebrating and supporting others.
I started the morning having coffee and great conversation with friends at Beans and Butter Coffeehouse in Lawrenceville, GA.  Then, I spent the afternoon shopping and playing dress-up at Trecy’s Closet also located in Lawrenceville. I finished my day with a VIP dance party at Kinks & Curls Natural Hair Boutique, and you guessed it, also located in Lawrenceville!
I was so honored a moved at the people who chose to take time out of their very busy day to celebrate with me and the icing on the cake was my husband as my DJ! He rocked the house!
Not only was I able to support and promote three local businesses, I was able to bring awareness and raise funds for the Hugs & Hope Food Ministry. Very Fulfilling! Believe it or not, I was even able to squeeze in my free birthday dinner at Provino’s! Looking forward to next year!

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