What’s Your Creative Outlet?

I enjoy creating all sorts of things. I love figuring things out and making things better or enhancing the experience. One of my creative outlets is taking pictures and videos of me. I love playing around, being silly, snapping pics with my iPhone. I seem to lean toward black and white a lot. Not quite sure why but I’ve always been drawn to black and white. Not only in pictures, my wardrobe too. I think is has something to do with it looking crisp and clean. I love snapping pictures or setting up the video camera turning it on and seeing what happens. Sometimes I capture some really cool stuff.  I found out a couple years ago I really enjoy editing and I’m pretty good at it too but still have a lot to learn. Editing is one of the most creative parts of filming and photography and the most time consuming. It’s what gives the pictures or videos their flavor. You really have to schedule editing time but always expect it to take longer. What’s your creative outlet? 

If you have a special moment or experience that puts a smile on your face or that puts you in a place of peace and calm, I’d love to hear about it.…Shoot me an email at Jackie@JackieBrownProductions.com and share your story!

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